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Turbidity Tubes

Turbidity can be measured using several different devices.

One such device is the turbidity tube

A turbidity tube is a clear plastic tube, sealed at one end by a plastic disc with a marker (e.g. four alternate black and white quadrants or three black wavy lines) which can be viewed when looking down the tube. The tube is marked with a logarithmic (non-linear) scale in the range 10-400 NTU.

Turbidity tubes may be used to monitor the performance of a wastewater treatment system. They are commonly used to validate high clarity of secondary treated effluent which allows effective disinfection by chlorine or ultraviolet light (UV) to occur. Suspended particles can absorb UV radiation and shield pathogens. For effective UV disinfection, turbidity should be <1 NTU. For effective disinfection by chlorine, turbidity should generally be <5 NTU and preferably <1 NTU.

Comes with How to: Measure turbidity using a turbidity tube pdf.


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