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SIM Tech Outlet Filter

A versatile and effective septic tank outlet filter.

Why Use An Outlet Filter?

An outlet filter fitted to, in place of, or immediately downstream of the outlet tee on a septic tank retains total suspended solids (TSS) in the tank, preventing their carryover into the land-application area (AS/NZS 1547:2012, Standards Australia /Standards New Zealand).

Outlet filters can reduce BOD5 by 28%, TSS by 38% and oil and grease by 40% (Crites and Tchobanoglous, 1998).

The retention of solids and oil and grease in the septic tank by use of an outlet filter is the simplest and most cost effective way to improve the performance of a standard septic tank system. Fitting an outlet filter reduces the likelihood of clogging of trenches or beds and prolongs the life of the land application area.

An outlet filter can be installed in a new septic tank or retro-fitted to an older tank.

It is recommended that outlet filters are inspected and cleaned at least every three months.

Benefits Of The Sim/tech Bristle Filter

  • Easily installed in all septic tanks. The flexibility of the SIM/TECH bristle filter makes for easy installation in poorly aligned or less accessible outlet tees;
  • Constructed like an oversized bottlebrush, the filaments of the filter are held in a twisted wire spine in a spiral pattern;
  • The individual filaments are rough and angular in cross section, providing a large surface area for biofilm development;
  • Excellent filtration and retention of solids, organic matter and oils and greases;
  • Bristles self-lock into place to prevent filter uplift;
  • The filter is profiled to ensure it is firmly held in the outlet tee while at the same time ensuring an open structure at the outlet;
  • Filter shape ensures long filter life because debris is sorted by size;
  • Accumulated solids slough off filter back into septic tank;
  • Durable, easily cleaned and economical enough to be disposable;
  • Suitable for use in residential, commercial and other applications;
  • Available in 100 mm and 150mm sizes.


Bristle: 100mm / 4″ = $140.00 (includes gst and postage)
Bristle: 150mm / 6″ = $345.00 (includes gst and postage)

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